Thorma Skall II Black

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28th March 2018
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thorma skall 2 black

THORMA Skall II Black is a closed combustion fireplace that has a net weight of 58kg, its dimensions are W421 x H725 x D379mm. The Thorma Skall II is a top quality fireplace imported from Europe, it is a wood burning fireplace made from steel which gives a more instant heat compared to a cast iron unit that would take about an hour to warm up. The Thorma Skall II is black in colour. The flue pipe diameter is 140mm. The Thorma Skall II has an output of 7-10kw which covers a heating area of 60-100m2. This sleek model is a popular choice due to its efficient, effective heating abilities and attractive design, which makes it a great feature in any room.


R14 020 (excludes installation)

Heat output: 7-10kw

Fuel: Wood

Material: Steel

size: 421W x 725H x 379D


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