Dovre Brut 200

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28th March 2018
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dovre brut 200

Dovre Brut 200 is a closed combustion fireplace that has a net weight of 100kg, its dimensions are W460 x H980 x D395mm. The Dovre CB 200 is a top quality fireplace imported from Europe, it is a wood burning fireplace made from Cast iron which takes a bit longer to warm up but retains the heat a lot longer compared to steel fireplaces. The Dovre CB is Black in colour. The Brut flue pipe diameter is 150mm. The Dovre Brut 200 has an output of 6-9kw which covers a heating area of 50-80m2. This sleek model is a popular choice due to its efficient, effective heating abilities and attractive design, which makes it a great feature in any room. The Dovre Brut is characterised as robust, without frills, with a high, large glass window, which attracts all attention to the flames.


R27 940 (excludes installation)


Heat output: 6-9kw

Fuel: Wood

Material: Cast iron

W460 x H980 x D395

Flue Exit: 150mm


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