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28th March 2018
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Ottawa Compact 6 KW with Log Stand fireplace
The Sentinel Ottawa Compact is a steel, multi fuel fireplace with clean lines, a compact design, a cast iron door and a log stand. The unit is manufactured for durability with a 10mm thick steel top and 5mm thick steel plate sides. Its designed makes it suitable for any interior whether it is contemporary or traditional. The Ottawa Compact has advanced clean burning with a tertiary clean burning system that is controlled by a chrome pull leaver on the base of the stove. This leaver opens and closes a vent that pulls air over the fire, which re-burns the gases in the stove and results in higher efficiency and an eco-friendly product with lower fuel usage. There are primary and secondary combustion air controls and a pre-heated air wash system to help keep the glass cleaner for longer. The combustion chamber is lined with vermiculite firebrick and comfortably loads 25cm logs. A removable cast iron grate and ash pan make for an easy clean.

R17 500 (excludes installation)


Wood burner Heat Output 6kw Flue outlet 125mm Top and rear flue outlet H750mm x W480mm x D365mm Rear flue centre height 650mm Full vermiculite firebrick lining


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The Sentinel range focuses on the manufacture of high quality cast iron and steel stoves.
Our range has various designs from traditional to contemporary. Our stoves range from 5KW up to 14KW heat output, ensuring an adequate heating option for any home or living space.