Nordflam Brema

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28th March 2018
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nordflam brema
The Nordflam Brema is a unique fireplace stove with an innovative design. It is made of high-quality cast iron and is characterised by unique style and elegance. The Brema has an adjustable tertiary air supply system to the combustion chamber, the so-called “after-burning” which flows into the furnace through inlets located on the rear wall of the chamber. It burns up the wood gas released in the combustion process, which regulates the stove’s efficiency, reduces the emission of pollutants and creates an additional deflector, reducing heat loss. Large, triple glazing allows you to enjoy the wonderful vision of fire. The heating power of 11 kW allows the stove to be used in various interiors with different heating needs. The Brema stove meets the eco design requirements.

R27 979 (excludes installation)


Heat output 11-13kw Fuel: Wood Material: Cast iron 746W x 720H x 473D


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