Nestor Martin TQH 13

Canature Taurus P3 SI Insert fireplace
Taurus SI insert
28th March 2018
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nestor martin tqh13

•Steel structure

•Heat-reflective white cast iron interior

•Cast iron doors

•Woodbox combustion technology

•360ª Rotation System

•Side loading door

•Top or rear flue connection

• Ash pan

•Outside air ready (stand optional)

•Clean glass system

•Optional remote control available

•Optional stands

Efficiency 85,1%


R64 500 (excludes installation)


R22 995 Log stand


Heat output 2-8kw

Fuel: Wood

Material: Steel

H822 x W430 x D355

Flue Exit: 150


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The Nestor Martin TQH 13 is part of the dynamic TQH Series which offers an ‘optional’ 360° Rotation System.  The fireplace has a steel structure with cast-iron doors, and a heat-reflective, white, cast iron interior. It features a modern finish, and it makes an eye-catching installation with its large window.

The TQH 13 comes with patented Woodbox® Combustion System Technology. This system uses a balance of preheated Primary and Secondary air, and natural flue draft, in a process of combustion and post-combustion to obtain very high efficiency and flame controllability. It is equipped with a ‘variable flap mechanism’ for controlling the air intake according to the type of fuel burnt and the desired size of the fire. The air controls allow you to open these flaps manually and the tool provided should be inserted into the control handles for manual operation. The control flaps bring air into the combustion chamber for distribution above the fuel grate to feed the fire and for the air wash glass cleaning system. The Rear Flap is used for adjusting the minimum air setting and for wood fires. The Front flap allows air to enter the fireplace under the fuel grate to make lighting fires easier.