Kronos 70

Canature Taurus P3 SI Insert fireplace
Taurus SI insert
28th Mar 2018
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A fine balance between size and performance makes these models the ideal solution for most installations.

- Larger combustion chamber.

- Optional exterior air intake.

- Front air outlet adjustment system.

KRONOS 70 is equipped with 2 fans and 2 outlets for channeling hot air.

Ventilation by means of two speed fans and safety thermostat.

Efficiency rate of 78 and 79%


R26 385 with V-board and fans. (excludes installation)


4 sided 9cm frame: R2595

4 sided 4.5cm frame: R1885

3 sided 4.5cm frame: R1700

Passepartout frame: R2435

Christal frame: R6670


Heat output 5-12kw

Fuel: Wood

Material: Steel

695W x 555H x 425D


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