Hergom E-30 S

Canature Taurus P3 SI Insert fireplace
Taurus SI insert
28th March 2018
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• Built in cast iron

• Firebox lined in white cast iron panels

•Combustion air control

•Outside air inlet

• Top flue exit

• Ash pan

• Finish: Matte Black

Efficiency 79%


R36 500 (excludes installation)


Heat output 2-9kw

Fuel: Wood

Material: Cast Iron

H699 x W590 x D418

Flue Exit: 150


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The E-30-S is part of the Hergom Classic Series Range. It features a traditional design, with a ‘modern twist’; decorative side panels and a large L-shaped handle. The E-30-S has a high quality, cast iron finish that optimises heat transfer with durability. It is the smaller version of the E-30-M model.

It comes with Primary and Secondary air control, and Secondary combustion. It has Clean Combustion Technology; an air wash glass cleaning system; a top flue exit, and the option to connect to an external air inlet. The combustion chamber comes with a solid wood guard, and comfortably loads 40cm logs. It is lined with white cast-iron panels. There is a ‘blind grill’ panel on the floor of the combustion chamber for easy cleaning of the ash and a removable ash pan.

The E-30-S is suitable for heating a small to medium sized area.