Dovre Bold 400

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28th March 2018
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Bold 400 Black

Dovre Bold 400 is a closed combustion fireplace that has a net weight of 130kg, its dimensions are W490 x H1010 x D490mm. The Dovre Bold is a top quality fireplace imported from Europe, it is a wood burning fireplace made from Cast iron which takes a bit longer to warm up but retains the heat a lot longer compared to steel fireplaces. The Dovre Bold is Black or White in colour. The Bold flue pipe diameter is 150mm. The Dovre Bold has an output of 7-9kw which covers a heating area of 60-80m2. The BOLD series is known for its round, monolithic design and in combination with the black cast iron this characterizes the modern character of the stove. Curved glass allows you to keep an eye on the beautiful flames. In addition, the stove has an innovative “slam lock” closing mechanism and an air supply that you can easily operate with the “mono control” turntable at the front.


R50 700 (excludes installation)


Heat output: 7-9kw

Fuel: Wood

Material: Cast iron

W490 x H1010 x D420

Flue Exit: 150mm


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Dovre Bold 400 Black: R50 700